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Tween-Tastic Holiday Traditions: Fun Ways to Celebrate the Season

Tween-Tastic Holiday Traditions: Fun Ways to Celebrate the Season

The holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness, and it's the perfect opportunity to create lasting traditions with your tweens. While some childhood traditions may feel a bit too "babyish" for them now, there are plenty of fun and age-appropriate ways to celebrate. Try these exciting holiday traditions that will make your tweens feel grown-up yet still excited about the festivities.

  1. Holiday Movie Marathon: Gather your tweens for a holiday movie marathon night. Let them take the lead in choosing the movies to watch. Classics like "Home Alone," "Elf," or even more recent releases are great options. Make it extra special with popcorn, hot cocoa, and cozy blankets.

  2. Decorate Together: Involve your tweens in decorating the house for the holidays. Instead of focusing solely on Santa and reindeer decorations, let them pick a theme or color scheme. Encourage them to create homemade ornaments or centerpieces, showcasing their creativity.

  3. Bake-Off Challenge: Host a holiday bake-off where your tweens can take the reins in the kitchen. Provide a variety of ingredients, recipes, and a panel of judges (the family), and let them bake their hearts out. It's a delicious way to encourage their independence and creativity.

  4. Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Organize a Secret Santa gift exchange within the family. Assign each family member a person to buy a thoughtful gift for while maintaining a budget. This tradition adds an element of surprise and suspense to gift-giving.

  5. Volunteer as a Family: Instill the spirit of giving by volunteering as a family. Choose a local charity, food bank, or animal shelter and spend a day helping those in need. It's a meaningful way to celebrate the season while teaching your tweens about the importance of giving back.

  6. Connect with Far Away Family: Send holiday cards that are personalized to family and friends that are far away during the holidays.  This is a great way to connect with long distance loved ones and catch them up on all the things happening in your life.  Encourage them to write you back!

  7. Holiday Craft Night: Organize a craft night where your tweens can make personalized holiday gifts for friends and family. They can create custom candles, hand-painted ornaments, or even holiday-themed t-shirts. It's a fun and creative way to spread holiday cheer.

  8. Write Letters to the Future: Have your tweens write letters to their future selves or to family members, expressing their hopes, dreams, and gratitude. These letters can be sealed and opened during future holiday seasons, creating a time capsule of memories and aspirations.

  9. Outdoor Adventures: Depending on your location and climate, consider outdoor holiday traditions like ice skating, sledding, or hiking in the snow. These activities are not only fun but also encourage physical activity and appreciation of nature.

  10. Visit a Local Event: Explore local holiday events and traditions in your community. Attend tree lighting ceremonies, holiday markets, or neighborhood light displays. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit while connecting with your community.

  11. Read Holiday Stories: Instead of bedtime stories, read holiday-themed books or short stories with your tweens. Allow them to choose the stories and take turns reading aloud. This tradition promotes literacy and family bonding.

  12. Game Night Extravaganza: Host a holiday-themed game night with board games, card games, or even a family-friendly trivia competition. Incorporate holiday-themed challenges and prizes for added excitement.

These holiday traditions for tweens strike the perfect balance between festive and age-appropriate fun. They provide opportunities for your tweens to take on responsibilities, explore their creativity, and bond with the family while celebrating the holiday season in a way that feels exciting and grown-up. Most importantly, these traditions create lasting memories and reinforce the importance of togetherness during this special time of year.


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