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Now shipping June boxes! Sunshine and fun shipped right to her doorstep!


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Vibe Alley order ship? 

If you order today, we will get your order shipped within 2 business days.  We understand this is a gift and we want to ensure it arrives promptly. 

Monthly Subscription Boxes:

Example 1 - Order placed between 1st-20th will get the current month's box which will ship within 2 business days.  The next bill date will be the 28th for the next month's box.

Example 2 - Order placed after the 20th of a month will get the next month's box which will ship within 2 business days.

Why isn't the shipping free?

As a small business, we can no longer cover the entire cost of shipping due to the increases in shipping prices and ongoing surcharges.  For US shipping we will absorb anything over $8.95 per box per month. The cost to ship to Canada is calculated at checkout.  Shipping is calculated at check out for all orders placed in The Shop.

Monthly Subscription = $8.95 per box

If you purchase a 3 or 6-month prepaid plan the shipping is also prepaid. The cost is $8.95 per box x 3 months = $26.85. If you purchase a 6-month plan the shipping is $8.95 per box x 6 months = $53.70. The Annual Membership for 12 boxes is $8.95 x 12 = $107.40.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada via several shipping carriers that you can choose from at checkout.  The cost is calculated at checkout based on current rates.  Customers are responsible for all customs and import fees.

Can I ship to 2 different addresses?

If you are gifting to several girls that live at different locations, it is best to place separate orders so the subscriptions can have their own individual shipping addresses.

Can I send the Monthly Subscription boxes as a gift?

Most of the orders we receive are gifts!  You can try it for a month to see if she likes it (we know she will!).  You may cancel your subscription at any time so it truly is risk free!

Do you include a receipt in the box?

No. We understand that most boxes are shipped directly to the recipient so we do not include pack slips or receipts in any of our shipments.

Can I include a personal message to the recipient?

Yes!  Notes for the gift cards are hand written exactly as typed.  We will not change any words as there are many inside jokes and nicknames and we do not want to mess it up!  So type carefully!   We include the card inside the box so it is the first thing your girl will see when she opens her box.

How do I know what is in the boxes?

We are experts at curating boxes that we know the girls will love.  We present all of the products to teen and tween focus groups and real girls select the products!  We package and ship the best on-trend lifestyle products that are fun and positive.  We do include skincare and makeup in our boxes.

Do you include food in your boxes?

We occasionally include a variety of healthy snacks in some of our boxes. Please check the ingredients to ensure you and/or your child does not have an allergy to the ingredients.  The snacks can contain nuts and peanuts.  Vibe Alley is not responsible for allergic results from products in the box.

What if I don't love something in my box?

We hope you LOVE everything we selected in your Vibe Alley box. In the event you don't love something we encourage you to share it with a friend or donate it to a local charity. 

Subscription Questions

When will I be billed for my Vibe Alley Monthly Subscription Box?

f you order today, you will be billed right away to reserve your box. After that, you will be invoiced on the 28th of each month for the monthly subscription.  Orders placed between 1st-20th will get the current month's box which will ship within 2 business days. The next bill date will be the 28th for the next month's box. 

Do the plans renew automatically?

Yes.  3-month subscriptions are billed every 3 months.  6-month subscriptions are billed every 6 months. Orders placed between 1st-20th will get the current month's box which will ship within 2 business days. The next bill date will be the 28th for the next month's box. All of our subscriptions auto-renew on the 28th including the 3 and 6-month prepaid plans.  The 12-Month Prepaid Membership does not renew.

What is your cancellation policy for the monthly subscription?

We hope you never want to leave us but if you need to skip a month or cancel your subscription you may do so any time prior to the renewal date.  If you forget to cancel prior to your renewal date you may cancel for the following renewal date.  As a small business, we plan products for your box so we will not refund your charge if you do not cancel PRIOR to your renewal date.  Thank you for understanding.

Can I cancel online?

Yes!  Be sure to activate your online customer portal via the email you receive post purchase.  Through the customer portal you have full access to your subscription account. 

How do I access my online account?

All subscribers can manage their accounts via the Vibe Alley customer portal.  You will get an email after you subscribe with a link to activate your online account.   If you are a current subscriber and the system does not recognize your email it is because you did not activate your account.  You will need to send us an email and we can resend the activation email so you can get access to our online portal.   The customer portal can be accessed via the website home page...upper right hand on the "Account" link.

My Vibe Alley box never arrived. What should I do? 

We're here to help call carriers, and companies and track down packages, but there is only so much we can do. If the delivery was unsuccessful due to customer error, (such as an incorrectly entered address) we can send a replacement box once the original box is returned to us.  There is a $12 service fee to send the replacement box to cover additional shipping costs.

My box says delivered but the recipient did not receive it.

Be sure to look around the house and ask neighbors as there is a good chance it's hiding somewhere (trust us, it happens all the time). If a box is delivered according to your tracking but the recipient didn't get it, our customer care team will do everything in our power to locate it by calling the carrier. Beyond that, unfortunately, this is a rare situation that's out of our control and could be attributable to any number of things, including the package being stolen or lost. We recommend filing a carrier claim, and we'd be happy to do the same on our end! 

Does Vibe Alley accept returns?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If an item you received is damaged or broken, please contact us atinfo@vibealley.comand we will send a replacement of the damaged item.

For Vendors

How do I get my product in your box?

We would love to hear about your product and company! with your product information.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We strongly believe that our success is tied to the success of our affiliates. We partner with affiliates who believe in our mission and love promoting Vibe Alley boxes. If you want to join our program please visit Shareasale.


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