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We make gifting easy and connecting fun!

Owner of the Alley

Welcome to Vibe Alley! My passion for gifting started when my daughter, Scarlett, was young. I would put little things I picked up for on her bed when she was young. I always included positive notes about being kind, strong, believing in herself and working hard. The gifts have certainly changed over the years but gifting has lead to a strong connection between us. It has brought inside jokes, fun spending time together and a close relationship.

Our mission at Vibe Alley is to provide on trend gift boxes packed with products the girls will love and use. We include pops of positivity and beautiful packaging for a unique experience! We hope our boxes create conversations and fun moments for you and the young girls in your life!



We know what girls want AND how to connect with them!

A gift box company born from the understanding of the journey that comes with watching the young girls in your our lives grow up.  We are more than just a business selling gift boxes; we are a unique way to connect with daughters, nieces, Goddaughter, cousins and friend through the art of gift giving.

As girls navigate the path from childhood, to adolescence to adulthood, the significance of connecting with them cannot be understated. 

We know the impact of unspoken getures, such as gifting, can have on young girls and the memories made in the process.

Our gift boxes aren't just about the products inside; they are about the cultivating meaningful connections that lay the foundation for strong self-identities, healthy relationship and lifelong memories.

With every gift box we ship, we're not just delivering items; we're weaving threads of connection that let her feel loved, seen and special. 

To deepen the experience we provide suggestions on how the girls can connect back to you, the gifter.  These ideas and tips are designed to foster two-way conversations, bridging the gap and create communication wherever she is, emotionally or physically.

Gifts That Connect Vibe Alley

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Ages 13-17


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